Friday, July 29, 2011

An agreement

  Samuel continues daily to surprise me. God continues daily to reveal the person our son is and its incredible to glimpse answers to prayer in his attitude,kindness and obedience. We are very very thankful how we have been knit together. This we do not take for granted and just have to tell you that so many times we have seen God already follow through with many of our requests! Incredible! God be praised!

      Samuel likes to cook and for the past few days thats exactly what he has done. He has made breakfast twice, Dinner twice and will not let his mama lift a finger in the kitchen. Last night was a comic display of a mom and her son trying to communicate over limited languages although I must say once again, it hasn't been that difficult! Thanks be to GOD!  At last Samuel looked at me and said, lets have an agreement, "I will take care of you in Moscow and you can take care of me in the USA?" We shook hands. He is very funny.

     At the closing of the day we read some scriptures given to us by friends and pray together. His warmth is a gift from God. You prayed for him to be open to hear Gods word and even as I type tears well up in my eyes in thankfulness. I do see Samuel being open to read and listen to God's word.

Samuel and the BEAR!

   We miss you! We love you! God Bless you! Love,
Jamie in Moscow

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