Sunday, July 31, 2011

God is Faithful

  Have you ever prayed so much you wondered if God would grow tired of your requests? Have you ever asked for the same thing so many times that your heart started to deceive you regarding God's power? I have.

   During our tour of Red Square, I tried not to cry. I had gone over and over and over in my head the memories of the previous visits with our son. He was smaller when we met. At twelve he reached almost to my 5'3 frame. His face was round with puffy cheeks and his eyes glowed like emeralds next to St. Basils. I remember his hand in mine and how often he giggled even in the chilly wind!

   In remembering the moments during prayer, I asked God to protect Samuel. I asked God to reveal His purpose,salvation and joy in Samuels life while we were away. I even wrote requests in my journal of specific prayers and often the same one resonated at the end of each paragraph, simply put, Please God bring Dima home to us soon!  

   So, In the spare hours of this Moscow morning I load photos displaying our son and I again in Red Square but this bringing him home! This time I know without a doubt that God was, is and always hears the cry of His children. I stand in awe, I am lost for words beyond Thank you and my heart is consumed with your presence in this place. We love you Father.

Enjoy the evidence of answered prayer via photographs!

A windy chill in Moscow October 2009 

A chilly Day in Moscow January 2010

A sunny Day in Moscow July 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011

Out with friends

       We have also met up with a dear friend that works diligently to see these kids get families. She has a young girl with her that is awaiting the arrival of her family. Yesterday We all went to the zoo together so as Samuel could help this young lady open her heart to the idea of a family as the girl is a bit apprehensive to leave her life in Russia behind. It is her last chance as she is 16.  Did I mention how brave these kids are? Would you risk everything just to have a family? So, please pray for her as well. Today we will go to Red Square. PLEASE lift us up in prayer as I want to bless both our son and this young girls life today. Wisdom is needed for sure! We love you so much!

Jamie in Moscow


An agreement

  Samuel continues daily to surprise me. God continues daily to reveal the person our son is and its incredible to glimpse answers to prayer in his attitude,kindness and obedience. We are very very thankful how we have been knit together. This we do not take for granted and just have to tell you that so many times we have seen God already follow through with many of our requests! Incredible! God be praised!

      Samuel likes to cook and for the past few days thats exactly what he has done. He has made breakfast twice, Dinner twice and will not let his mama lift a finger in the kitchen. Last night was a comic display of a mom and her son trying to communicate over limited languages although I must say once again, it hasn't been that difficult! Thanks be to GOD!  At last Samuel looked at me and said, lets have an agreement, "I will take care of you in Moscow and you can take care of me in the USA?" We shook hands. He is very funny.

     At the closing of the day we read some scriptures given to us by friends and pray together. His warmth is a gift from God. You prayed for him to be open to hear Gods word and even as I type tears well up in my eyes in thankfulness. I do see Samuel being open to read and listen to God's word.

Samuel and the BEAR!

   We miss you! We love you! God Bless you! Love,
Jamie in Moscow

Hes all ours!

 Hello everyone!


Its official! Dmitry Samuel is ours! Yesterday we attended our embassy appointment and our son now has permission from the authorities to travel to his home ...our home!

Romans 8:26-28

   And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. For example we don't know what God wants us to pray for but the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed with words. And the Father who knows ALL hearts knows what the spirit is saying for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God's own will. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

       God spoke to heart almost two years ago that Samuel has a purpose. We are trusting only in Him that we can fill the role of being His parents. Now more than ever we need your prayers to do this. Besides the commitment Marcos and I made to one another, this family is now going to be driven with greater purpose for the Lord. The legacy of who we are and the honor to show Samuel Christ in us is the most important commitment we have now made together. We covet your prayers. Thank You so much!

Love in Christ,

Jamie, Marcos and Samuel

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butterflys and Groceries... an update from Moscow

  Hello everyone!
  I miss you all so much. I hope you are enjoying the blog following the events of last week and even in real time! More than anything I am praying God will touch your heart as I type words here.

    My beloved is a treasure as he takes care of the home, works and prepares for our son and I to arrive. I miss him dearly. Being alone in this big city is fun but its much more fun with Marcos. I have explored some but mostly prepared the apartment and settled in to read Gods word, rest and study Russian. I think I was exhausted from the last month of events and didn't realize it until I fell asleep on the phone with my mom! Sorry mom!

The food I just bought..cucumbers of course and the freezer has something really special...frozen pizza!

    Our friend Becky already showed us all the beautiful sights twice so I take photos from a distance and save the trek for a possible return when Samuel arrives tomorrow morning!

coffee, peanut butter, oatmeal ( prison food , private joke know what i'm talking about ) bread and cookies and me with a really goofy look on my face!

  Thank you everyone for your prayers and gifts to bring our son home. I pray God's abundant Blessings in your life.

  We love you..God loves you more.

-Jamie in Moscow

My beloved Marcos caught a friend in our garden having a snack! Isn't he magnificent! I cant imagine the colors and brilliance of heaven when we already have glimpse of such miraculous beauty here on earth! God be praised!

Time to have some fun

      In October of 2009 I walked through the cold snow by Moscow University with a very special kiddo at my side. He launched a snow ball into the bright winter son and waited for its decent. After what seemed like quite a long time, it came hurdling back to the ground and he kicked it clear across the grounds. I was impressed. I took a try but couldn't seem to find my snowball after I launched it into the sun. We laughed.

 Samuel has great talent and so many gifts from God. You can imagine how much Marcos and I longed just to take a walk, play a game of hoops or anything over the wait and distance! We were so excited to play anything at all with our new son!

   Our host loaned us a basketball and samuel tried on the new shorts, t-shirt ( Emily take a look) and tennis shoes (Adam check it out). They fit pretty good and we ourselves launched out of the apartment giddy! Forget the elevator, we took the stairs!  So, here are some shots and we hope you enjoy seeing our beautiful son in his first ever game with his papa. I know for me being behind the lens, it was a gift from God I will never forget. A first for our family.

Psalm 65:5

  You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, oh God our savior. You are the hope of everyone on earth, even those who sail on distant seas.

(  reminds me of Orphans in distant countries)

You formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength. You quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves and silenced the shouting of the nations. 

(do you remember  turmoil in International adoptions the past year in relations between USA and Russia? God settled that storm. )

Those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders. From where the sun rises to where it sets, YOU INSPIRE SHOUTS OF JOY.

( Thank you God, for our sons shouts of joy during a simple game of basketball with his papa! Thank you God for your power over such distance! You are so awesome! )

-Amen ( :

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pardon my intrusion on the updates!

  I have interrupted the story line to tell you........Im in Moscow! In a few days Samuel will meet me here and we will prepare documents for the journey home! Thank you for your prayers on a quick return...they were answered!!!! Please continue to pray for our son, Marcos and I as we begin the journey of becoming a family  forever! God Bless you guys!

He likes cucumbers and cars

  When we did see our son again after the wait he had grown so very tall! He scaled over me and could look his papa straight in the eyes.  His hair was lighter, skin darker and smile even sweeter! I immediately told him we missed him dearly and apologized for the delay in bringing him home. He said he understood and not to worry that it was okay. We sat a few moments in silence as our angel Luda began to build a bridge of communication between the three of us.  I couldn't believe it! My heart was bursting with joy and I just wanted to keep squeezing him to make sure I wasn't dreaming!

  We were so nervous, so happy, so relieved and I could say I was a little shocked! I just kept telling God thank you over and over between translations.

  Dinner was ready and we began to settle into each other. Samuel moved right in to lounge with us after we ate and played some UNO.  We also discussed the wedding party that  returned that evening and Samuel named the make and model of each car in the caravan. He would leave Marcos and I only to grab a sliced cucumber and settle back in to look out over the balcony with his new papa.

It was perfect. It was so sweet and we were wrapped in the abundance of Gods preparation, love and favor.

   That evening we went to Samuel's room to say good night, hug him, pray with him and read some scripture that God had put on my heart for him to know. He was so warm, kind, easy going, peaceful and even his relaxed smile and goodnight kiss resonated contentment. His mama and papa had arrived, were ready to stand in court for him and more than anything be his forever family.


For I know the plans I have for you......

....plans to prosper you and not to harm you....

plans to give you hope and a future.

I love you Samuel with an everlasting love. -God

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A grateful heart

    When my beloved and I arrived in Russia the butterflies began! The ones dwelling in your belly that stir up a little good anxiety! I think there were moments we would just look at each other and forget where we were! It was like a dream! It was a dream to be seeing our sweet son after a year and 1/2 of wait! Every day not an hour would pass that we would feel God's call to pray for our son. Some days were harder than we imagined with rejections and piles of uncertainty. I only draw back to this so you can clearly and without doubt understand that this adoption...our son...this moment...this family is a miracle! Only god could have followed this through! There were more obstacles than you could even imagine. So many. Death even tried to snatch us and our son during the wait but God said no! Can you understand?

    Praise be to God. We love Him so much for giving us this honor to become a family.

So now, you understand.

The train to our sons region was great fun as I have posted! Driving to our wonderful hosts house was mysterious and I recall practicing every word I knew in Russian in hopes our son would be there upon our arrival! Marcos and I had been holding hands since we left the states and on the car ride our grip was Black Belt BJJ style! A strong grasp on each other and smiles back and forth. Upon arrival we met an angel named Luda who ushered us in and told us to make ourselves at home. Her home was beautiful and we could feel the hospitality just by looking in her eyes. We immediately found the balcony as it was a view to the street and we were told that her sweet Peter (husband) would be running another boy back to his orphanage and then picking up our son to bring him to us soon. There are so many at work for the fatherless. She told us to rest and she would prepare a meal for us. 

So we waited.

I wasn't sure what to wear....what would we say...should we take pictures...who hugs him first...what if we cry...will he be okay with a kiss on the cheek he's two years older now??? So many questions. So Marcos and I asked God and settled into the bed to rest. We ate a fabulous meal full of laughter and got to know our sweet Blessing of a host Luda.  I changed into a t-shirt and jeans since...well, thats Mom! Marcos put on a fresh shirt and decided I should hug him first and he would take the first photo. While we waited we saw a wedding celebration begin outside our apartment and the caravan of the party leave for the ceremony. How fitting God would choose this day. While we wait for our son to show us a union so precious as marriage. God is so good isn't he?

Our son arrived....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Details

Hello everyone,
    So many of you rejoiced with us upon coming home! We are grateful for your gift of encouragement and enthusiasm for our family! Your excitement has been a great uplifting for our souls and treasure in our hearts for our dear son. Someone once said to me, "Adoption is one thing but a biological child is something else." I never really understood the meaning but I do know this, Our son is the child of our hearts deeply loved every moment of his past and present by an incredible act of  love implanted in our hearts and minds by the One who created his life. We love him more than we could have imagined. Thank you,Thank you ,Thank you for your excitement,love,prayers and support.

 God Bless you so very much!

     So many of you have asked for details and while we await our sons homecoming we often get lost in the anticipation that details really get missed. I failed to journal every moment with Marcos and our son in Russia simply because the moments were too sweet and wonderful to pull away from. So bare with us as we do our best to recall the sweet moments orchestrated ever so beautifully day by day in the following posts. We hope you enjoy hearing each snipit and can Praise God with us!

Monday, July 18, 2011

We Miss him every time we breathe

 In God's word it says we have the hope of heaven. Our bones and bodies ache for the home we were gifted by grace and not works. I am starting to understand this longing even better. The book of Hebrews also says we should wait with confidence and Trust God will prepare a place for us.

 We miss our son.

 We miss him so much that every moment since we left laughter is softer, music is dimmer and flowers even less brilliant. God enabled us to bond as a family with such fierce love that the bond remains but we cannot reach out and embrace or take care of him with such distance between us. So, we wait with Trust, we confirm Gods Faithfulness and often deeply sigh and understand what the other is thinking.

 I thank God for these feelings as difficult as they are. These feelings are God Breathed and the ones we asked for when we met our son. God truly has made us a family. Will you pray for him today as he waits too? Will you ask God to give us favor for a quick return date from the authorities?
We love him so much. God Bless you and we will keep you updated!

Love-the newest and most Blessed Mama and Papa in the Universe

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Marcos and I arrived home in a tired but surely peaceful state to see my mom at the airport. Mom had been at our house the whole time watching over our animals and home in the wait that maybe we would return home with her grand son. She flew from Florida, left behind all her grandkids and beloved to sit in our big old house alone. But, thats not all she did.

    First, I have a confession to make. In the midst of putting together three dossiers, training a wild wonderful puppy, working at Gracie Barra, being a wife and volunteering at the Pregnancy Center...the house has suffered. I never realized the paint chipping, fence falling, bathtub rusting, kitchen cluttering, lightbulbs missing, towels fading and curtains sagging off of rods. So, my Mom made more of her time here by simply Blessing us by fixing it all! The kitchen boasts new paint! Our bathroom showcases new towels and bedspreads! The back yard would make Better Homes and Gardens front page and of course my senior dogs are safe happy and didn't even miss us! To leave our son in Russia and come home to only have ten days until we return to repair, prepare, work and get this place ready would have been a huge undertaking!

  So, here I sit printing pictures for our son, packing my bag and enjoying the fun stuff, praying and SMILING! Thank you MOM! What a gift from God you are! You gave us time to enjoy and prepare the things we WANTED to do before our son comes home! What a beautiful home your grandson will come home to! We love you soooo much! 
God Bless your generous and servant heart...we will never forget what you did for us!

My favorite photo of my mom and dad! So cute!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Father and son in their first game of basketball...ever.

God's beauty and love defined by adoption...

A walk to the Volga River with our son.
We would have loved to gift many and every person one of these beautiful Chuvashian hats but we were a little short to even buy one! The craftsmanship is so beautiful! Just like the craftsman who made our beautiful son! Praise be to God!
Even on our trip out God granted us a wonderful run in with our friends, student and big helper in the adoption, Paul and Mindy!

While Marcos and our son were playing basketball it seemed the English teacher in me was once again caught in glowing conversations with sweet Russian neighbors. God is abundantly everywhere!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Its official our application is satisfied! What?

We just got back from a grueling court case..atleast me! The judge really had me on target but of course i'm okay now...just need a little chocolate and some more hugs from my love and my new son! God Be Praised!

  Of course God gave us favor and our prayers again we find answered! What a spectacular day ! Yes only one day! They did not waive the ten day wait so we will return in ten days or so to bring him home! Yes, leaving will be so difficult. Samuel is very happy and told the judge over and over and over that he wants us to be his family! He even smiled the third time she asked if he really wanted to move to America, learn a new language and trust us to be his parents. He just smiled and said yes!!! YES!!! YES!!! Thank You for your do we express such thanks!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Sweet son and a request for your prayers!

Tomorrow we go to court and ask that the authority will make our son..truly ours. If God is for us than who can be against us?

  Thank you for your prayers!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waiting for him to walk in the door!

Still on the Train ( :

Psalm 67
 May God be merciful and Bless us. May His face smile with favor on us. May your ways be known throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere.

  As goofy as these posts may seem we are so in awe of how and when God has taken us to Russia. The evidence of how good and powerful God's unfailing Love is meets us at every corner and very soon our son will be around the next bend! Praise be to the one who adopted us All! We love you,miss you,thank you and our prayers are with you today!
Love-Jamie and Marcos

Almost there!

On the choo choo Train!

The Trains sleeper car to our sons region is really cool! Thank you Lord for AC, a beautiful view, time with each other and loads of fun! I cant say we slept much as we are way too excited to see our son!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Your prayers,hard work and love for our son are very soon to be answered in  their fullness! Already God has brought us half way around the world and tomorrow evening we leave to travel to our sons region! What protection, favor and love he has already shown us! We are so thankful and you are all on our hearts! God Bless you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A sweet day to Play in the sun! While we plan to see our son!

Were preparing for our sweet son to come home by August and as we do all we can to get through the last parts of this process we surely covet your prayers. Logistics in Russia, seeing our son after being apart for over a year and learning to serve our Russian brothers and sisters takes grace,patience and well, all the other stuff we don't naturally possess.

    We simply need God's divine help, guidance and power. We want the attitude of Christ and His peace that He offers. We also desire wisdom in every step we take as we venture further into the court room and among so many put in authority by God. Thank you for not forgetting us on this journey,thank you for your encouragement, incredible love and generous gifts to rescue the fatherless. Please continue in prayer for us and we surely will not forget your effort in this as we lift you up in all the happenings in your life. You are such a Blessing to us and we hope to be THAT example of God's Love in Russia too.

  Below are some pictures of dear friends who rescued us from our logistical shell today and made us simply relish and enjoy the day. They knew exactly what we needed and oh how we love them and all they have been to us everyday and since we started this adoption journey. Enjoy the pictures!

Love and Prayers-Barros Family