Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We are coming sweet son, to bring you to us..........

Isaiah 41:13
 I am the Lord your God who holds your right hand, and I tell you, Don't be afraid, I will help you.

    It says in the book of Isaiah that God will hold our hand. How forever grateful we are to a powerful mighty God who reaches down to touch us when we are afraid! Then God goes even further to to tell us that we will have His help and we don't need to be afraid.   I have exciting news to indeed show you how true those very words are.......

Our son is coming home!!!
by Jamie Nikole Mulenex on Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 6:55pm
Marcos, I and my family would like to announce....God is forever faithful. DIMA IS COMING HOME~~~~~~WE HAVE OUR COURT DATE!!!!!!!! I really wish I could see your faces! Your prayers,way generous gifts of money and support have now made the world one less shy of an orphan! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Stay posted to our blog for details to come and while we travel! Some details must remain personal but we will keep you as informed as we can! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! GOD BE PRAISED!!!

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Virgilio G. 'Jun-Jun' Dycoco Congratulations! So happy for both of you. Part of a journey ending with another beginning!
June 2 at 6:58pm · Like

Rachael Lewis Love Praise God!!! I'm so excited for you! ♥
June 2 at 7:10pm · Like

Tracy Seely I got chills when I read Becky's post yesterday. I knew it was you all! I checked back all day to see this post...the one Doug and I have prayed to see. Our God is GREAT! (Now where is the tissue for my happy tears?!)
June 2 at 7:10pm · Like

Austin Jordan I couldn't think of two people more deserving of such a great gift! You never gave up hope and now you've made an orphans dream come true! God bless the two of you!
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Amanda Mesa Boy it sure did take forever but It is so worth it now :)
June 2 at 7:39pm · Like

Tracy Seely I just had to come read this post again!!! Joy, joy, joy!!!!
June 2 at 8:15pm · Like

Nathan Armstrong Congratulations! I sure he will love his wonderful parents!
June 2 at 8:34pm · Like

Angie Watson So happy for you all! I can't lie....I am crying as I write this. So very wonderful.
June 2 at 9:38pm · Like

Kara Crisp my face has tears of praise!! Im so happy for ya'll... god is so good! Love ya :).....
June 2 at 9:39pm · Like

Troy Adams so happy for you
June 2 at 10:30pm · Like

Jiujiteira Gazela Matthew 19:26.. "With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.." Praise God. Faith is trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse... So very thankful with you tonight!!
June 2 at 10:46pm · Like

Wendy Kaplar God bless your family! I am so very happy! I hope to meet the newest member of the family soon! I will meet ya in North Carolina! :)
June 2 at 10:51pm · Like

Jennifer Vieira Tosh Words can't express!! How amazing!! God is so good! If he ever wants to come to St. Anthony's, please let us know. I know the Malamises share the sentiment. We have a handful of Russian folks who attend regularly. May God continue to bless you all!!
June 3 at 12:35am · Like

Teresa Anguiano That is wonderful Jamie!!! :)
June 3 at 6:44am · Like

Joni Hansen Holy Spirit goosebump all over Praise the Lord , love you guys !!!YEA YEA YEA
June 3 at 10:17am · Like

Tom Appelt That is Great news!! We are so Happy for you guys!!
June 3 at 1:27pm · Like

Ricky Britt That is AWESOME!!!
June 3 at 1:53pm · Like

Elizabeth Vincent yessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!
June 3 at 4:13pm · Like

Jeff Jiannoni That just made my day!!!!!
June 3 at 6:16pm · Like

Sarah Horger Sciortino Congrats Mommy!
June 3 at 9:49pm · Like

Emily Hope Cant even absorb it yet! Maybe by the time he gets home! Im soo excited!! There are no words to describe!
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Thomas J. Mulenex Jr. This is such a great time in all our lives so hard to put in words !!
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Paul Taylor Congrats. All 3 of you deserve this!!! You and Prof. will make a great mom and dad to Dima.
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Priya- Amish Patel Purohit We are so happy for you guys. You will be wonderful parents. Can't wait to meet him!
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  1. Praise God that He has born you through all the trials. Now you can testify about the truth contained in James 1... your faith has definitely been stretched through the trials... and yet He is faithful. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We rejoice with you forever!

    The Reynolds