Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hello Everyone! We sent off the last piece of documents requested and they should be in the dossiers hands as I type. We hope and pray they are accepted.


 I wanted to tell you a bit about how a really taxing chore taught me a lesson. A lesson from the Lord. I plant bulbs every year. I plant a lot of bulbs. Sometimes between 60-150. In October my beloved bought me so many I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him! Big surprise right! We had just bid farewell in August of 2010 to our beloved pet lab. Besides Marcos he was as close to a Best Friend and companion I have had for over 12 years! So, the bulbs were a sweet reminder of more beautiful things to Bloom!

   Since then we have watched them surprise us each in their OWN TIME from beneath the ground. We were sure that our son would be here to see them but we still wait. Here however is the point of this post, time is precious,specific and Gods. You see, we have a puppy now and despite all the beauty these bulbs bring to our backyard, they are also very poisonous! So, for the last few days I have removed and transplanted .....uum several. Many a bulb expert said they would weep,perish,fail to thrive or just never bloom.  It reminds me of adoption of older children. My sister Emily is adopting from Foster Care and going through the duration of courses required. Her and her husband have been drilled on all the things that can go terribly wrong. Marcos and I have taken the same classes.  THESE CLASSES ALWAYS MISS THE BEST PART! Sometimes the kids thrive,are healed,love and grow in their new families! Just like my bulbs!

    I took tender care to keep as much earth as I could (We took the classes)
    I put them in a cool pot (We long for Gods wisdom in our son finding rest and peace in our process)
    I immediately took them to their new ground full of fresh nutrient rich soil ( We pray and seek Godly families to mentor us in his new arrival here)
    I placed the bulb in and watered it  ( We ask God for grace and wisdom while we seek the needs of our son and prepare and save for resources he may need)

God is so sweet and He knows what time is perfect for Blooming!

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