Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello everyone,
   I read today that Kate and the Prince will marry but in their vows the part that says "I will obey" is going to be omitted. I cringed. I had to wonder when did we decide that letting our husbands protect, lead and love us come without obedience? I then wondered how they could even do that without their wives being obedient? I love to obey my beloved because he covers me with the love that Christ told him to cover me with. Obedience comes easy and is delightful when you have a loving provider, protector and best friend.

   I even had a test today when I could have made a decision without him but chose to honor his wishes. The choice wasn't pined over or a struggle it was easy because he has honored me and he is easy to honor and obey.  Put God in the center. Let Him lead and guide you and the word Obey is actually very beautiful.

   Marcos heads to Chicago tonight to get a final document translated. We sure hope it is the last one. We will simply trust and OBEY until this journey of Faith produces all God has so beautifully orchestrated. Below are some pictures that the choice to obey and follow Christ has produced. Thank you Lord. your Lordship is so beautiful. We love you guys...God Bless you...

Marcos and Jake so proud of the victory!

Competing to stay sharp.

Marcos and Nick one of his students to this much taller then pictured here!

Professor Marcio, Master Carlos and Professor Marcos. A legacy of respect and obedience.

Marcos and his mama Becca.

While we wait, obey and pray.

Journey to Korea for a chance to be a Blessing.

A rainy alley in China waiting for the kids to  get home from school we stepped in out of the rain for a self portrait.

Marcos followed a call to meet the Children God called me to in China.

Marcos worked nights and days with little sleep and traveled  everyday to pursue the Dream God placed in his heart for people and The Gracie Family art of BJJ.

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