Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Last Piece

While Raising the funds needed to bring our son home. Marcos and I noticed that Butterflies appeared everywhere we went and they landed on me at the oddest times.
Well, the last piece arrived at ten AM yesterday and was sent off to arrive today in the very trustful hands of our dossier prep coordinator. From there it will travel to Russia and be translated and presented to our authority there and with all measure of Faith and great belief...approved. This we Pray.

   Shortly thereafter and we do hope shortly, we will be given a court date in which to travel and be seen and reviewed and yes, embrace our son who we have not seen in person for over a year now.

  With Easter on the horizon and God's greatest Miracle displayed in Churches and resonating in sermons everywhere across the world we cant help but ask our Father for an Easter Miracle too.  Our friends in Japan rebuild, our friends in Texas fight fires destroying their homes and tornado victims across the USA mourn the loss of loved ones and homesteads. There is no doubt Easter has come because we have more then just the cross to focus on.. we have the resurrection which made us heirs of Heaven! Hope is powerful and Faith is incredible! Even in these struggles we have hope of Heaven and a Savior who strengthens us in the wait for eternity.

  God Bless all of our friends in the midst of waiting and enduring through the tough times and we rejoice for them in the coming miracles and the present ones we live in daily. May God gain all the Glory and our witness be to Him, For Him and through Him.

-Amen and we love you.
-Marcos and Jamie and soon our son

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