Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrate the baby steps!


Hello everyone!

  Marcos has the last document in his hands! We will official it by Monday and send it off! Thank you for your prayers! Every little step is a chance to say Thank You ! To are some funny pics of a new family member just learning how to be a GOOD DOG as he grows.....bigger...and bigger and bigger!

A sleepy Moose on the way home from a fabulous playmate with his puppy friend Clark......

Fighting sleep...

sooooooooo tired

Moose has special feet...

I asked God for a special dog..but I wasn't sure how I would know after seeing so many homeless puppies? God got specific. I love my Jesus!

look closely and you will see a little puppy acne!

What...were here??

His first tug o war with his 120 Pound puppy friend Clark...Moose weighs in at a whopping 41 Pounds!
Photo taken by Keri Schneller! The most awesome photographer ever!

Anyone seen my puppy?
Puppy hood comes much easier when you have friends with puppies to keep yours exercised! Thank you Schnellers...Thank you Clark!

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