Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello Everyone ( :

   Marcos and I, my beloved have joked many times through the wait and on a rainy day after Easter we thought it appropriate to post some things people say as a response to our adoption news.  Some are kinda funny while others we must remember can be hurtful but we have been given Grace and must extend it too. If you have adopted we thought you could smile and relate and more importantly REMEMBER how God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise ( : All in good fun ( :

 " Here you can have my kid for free!"

" Oh you just wait until the little one you adopt becomes  a teenager, you will want a refund!"

" Just keep them busy when they get adopted, no free time just super busy and they surely wont get into trouble." -Ukrainian shop keeper in Chicago

" We hope they don't cry on the long plan ride."

" Will they speak any English? How will you communicate?"

" I just wanted you to know that I can carry a baby for you both and would do that if it is what you wanted."

" He looks like a fine boy, a very fine boy!" -Grandpa Smith

" I will do anything to get him home, I know he is you and Marcos's son." -Missionary Mateo

" Christ is enough." -Denise

" God knows what He is doing."-Debbie

" I miss the way he sleeps on our shoulder."-Marcos

" Oh my gosh! He looks like Justin Beiber! "- youth at Kids class

" Dont give up..don't cry." -Jesus

 Our son wrote us for Easter. He sends his love, he is well and waits for us. We have another document that was rejected due to the portuguese and we will have it translated and hopefully hear more soon. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for absolutely everything. We love you...God's touch and embrace for you always.

-Jamie and Marcos

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  1. Dear wonderful Jamie,

    I want to give you a big hug! We completely understand the many hurtful comments that adoption brings. People just don't understand! But we know that our God and Father understands completely and we can always run to Him when others disapprove or disdain. Jesus wasn't kidding when He warned His disciples that the world would shun them. When we choose to step out in faith and do something that confuses the world, people just don't know what to do.
    But I wanted to send you a cyber-hug and some cyber love!
    With much love,