Monday, March 7, 2011

Still in the paper pile.....( :

Hello everyone! No new updates for today but we just wanted to say thank you for your prayers.  We have three documents almost complete! Please pray for the last one in the  newly requested batch ( see previous post).

  Marcos and I spent our day Saturday with a special little boy our friends recently adopted. The day was wonderful and very special as well as quite a challenge. Parenting by example is delightful but of course difficult too. Considering Marcos and I are always on the look out to introduce God's character and love to reflect plainly to each child we meet, we often found ourselves pausing before answers and even praying before a response.

  We really want any kiddo we are near to know God loves them and in turn provides an abundant life for those who are obedient and avoid the consequences of bad choices. Wisdom was asked for so many times during the day and often Marcos and I would look at each other and smile just knowing the reply from our father in heaven who solely orchestrated each event of the day.  What an amazing husband I have that ten dollars in tokens can last four hours!

   It may sound "cheesy" and way too "Christian" to some but lately we don't care if people criticize us for rewarding kindness,courage and manners in any kid.  Its our hearts delight as a husband and wife to see kids seeking a Godly life, being kind and seeking servanthood instead of selfishness. The Bible says we are a Peculiar bunch and I do believe we are. That is what attracts many to the Lord. Thank You God for a wonderful day with a child who was once an orphan but is no more. Thank You for forgiving our many bad choices and covering us with grace!

   What an honor to spend a day with a wonderful little boy! We pray our not so little boy of fourteen is seeking you as well Lord. We also pray the documents are produced,translated and approved as quickly as you see fit and your love abounds in the life of those so close to him in Russia.--Amen

Love and Thankfulness,
 Marcos and Jamie 

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