Thursday, March 24, 2011

I know a puppy who barks with his mouth closed.

Moose with hiccups and an astonishing ability to burp and bark with his mouth closed.

Hello everyone,
   A funny thing happened today as we found out our new puppy "Moose" is a miracle dog. Yes, he not only has double dew claws but double paws with webbing and they are on both back feet. It is quite rare. The way that they are attached is even more rare. Our veterinarian even said she had never seen anything like them!

   This isn't some mere fluke.  I believe when Marcos and I prayed for a special dog to welcome in joy and companionship to our new son he listened and answered our prayers. I even asked for a special dog. So do you think God still hears us when we plead the desires of our heart? Do you believe God still performs miracles? I certainly do!

  Today has been a mixture of research and lots of prayer for more and more requests from the judge in Russia. We also received news that a couple of friends have been told to give up on the mission to rescue and adopt two boys because they have a 20% chance of getting them home. Our hearts hurt for them and we pray even now as I type that they can see clearly what direction God will lead them. In Acts chapter 12 the community of believers prayed for Peter who was imprisoned. The Lord created a miracle and Peter was rescued. I think my friends need a miracle, don't you? Will you pray for a miracle for them? Im ready to see some more answered prayer and miracles!

Great Praise to our creator!

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