Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homecomings and dissapointments

Hello all! We did get a phone call this week but it surely was not the one we were hoping for. It seems more updates are needed as our judge is away and the stack just keeps expiring. Its hard to see a number you recognize and hope to see on caller ID and then realize it comes with discouraging news instead of GREAT NEWS! It's a mix of excitement and bittersweet to see several families from Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia and even the USA celebrate homecomings of their kids while we still wait. Lord, help our attitude not to question your timing!  So, we press on, we pray harder, we get the paperwork and we enjoy each other so soon God will unite a family that honors Him and His plan for us.

    Thank you for your prayers. We need them more than you can imagine and so does our son. Please ask God to grant us favor and multiple Blessings in arranging a very fast court date. Our paperwork has not even been submitted and for the last six weeks we thought it had been. So, in the midst of disappointment all we know is God is for us and not against us. Its the only comfort we have. Even last night we found footage never seen of the first time we met in Russia. It was buried in my hard drive and a welcome reminder that only God knows the things that are hidden.

Love you - Jamie


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