Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Extravagant Love

   Theres a story in the Bible that talks about a wedding banquet where the least and poor were invited in and treated to all the joys and delights of the celebration as honored guests.  Never in my lifetime did I think I would experience such a similar or multiplied pleasure! Of course being in God's family, His child and knowing what He has already orchestrated in my short thirty-three years thus far, I should have come with GREAT EXPECTATIONS! But I never expected this!

Your probably wondering what on earth I am babbling on about? Let me try to put into words this weekend.

 After a phone call of discouraging news yet again and a stock pile of challenges for adoption documents, Marcos and I began to get ready for a wedding we had been invited to. We had long planned the trip and knew the matrimony of a very blessed young couple who were in love with God and exemplified purity would be great! Their hearts were so focused to honor God even their first kiss was saved for the alter! Our anticipation had even deeper roots knowing we would see three of the children we met in Russia that were now home and  treasured siblings of the bride!

   Its incredible to me that with all of these elements and all God has already done, Our Father in Heaven chose to do even MORE. Upon arrival we entered the Church only to see the familiar bluest of eyes coming toward us, dressed in red and a smile from ear to ear! From there we were embraced by another beauty in a red dress and rhinestones that only months before had an unknown future. Straight away we were rushed to the bride minutes before her walk down the aisle and met at the stairs by a handsome young man in a tux who recognized us and embraced us as well.  This little boy had been a fervent prayer of tears in hopes he would find a family that loves God. He had found that family and we once again saw God's evidence of the power of prayer. His parents not only love God but live such a life that the gospel is more than attractive it is radiant and illuminated through their children and themselves!

   We entered the hall to see an entire entourage of beautiful children and statuesque young teenagers beaming with joy as the bride rushed to embrace us.   I looked at Marcos and grabbed his hand!  I was for the second time ever in my life, weak in the knees with joy by the overwhelming amount of peace  and love that could saturate every ounce of discouragement from the day before. Marcos leaned in and smiled at me. He knew and could feel it too. God's love at this moment chose us through this family and it was so beautiful and so extravagant.

   The wedding continued to perpetuate true joy and celebration like nothing we had ever seen before. The children would come close and wrap their arms around us, kiss us and whisper how much they loved us and how diligent they were praying for our son to come home. They encouraged us with tears and smiles about how good it felt to be home and have parents that love them. They climbed on our laps and caressed our face all the while smiling and telling us how happy they were that we were at the wedding with them.

    This extravagant love flows through this family not because of wealth, parenting skill, great personalities, popularity or perfection but because of Christ. Christ truly dwells among them in their actions and we were only the recipients of that love because of  Christ's grace. We are not related to them by blood, we have never done a great service to this family or even visited with them often. They loved us with a powerful and extravagant affection we will never forget. I hope Marcos and I can learn how to do this too. I pray we can seek Christ to encourage and show His extravagant love too! Thank you Reynolds....your prayers..your love for us, orphans our son and your great love for the Lord!

--Marcos and Jamie

Check out the following photos..there are not many..we were just enjoying each moment!


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