Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tired of the struggle

Mao Mao and Max dance. Her feet are straight that were once crooked and her heart fiercely in love with the Lord. How great is our God!

Hello all,
   There is a chance of snow today here in the midwest. Need I say more? Just like our beautiful tulip flowers,daffodils, and various other bulbs struggle to break through and see sunlight so our adoption feels similar. Either way we pray harder, speak with authority and work diligently in what this whole process delivers and demands. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

Please don't let up now and remember our son who still waits with no news from all the people that promised him a family but fail yet to produce it. Pray for the people being pushed and pulled by the authorities for documents. We find even those we go to for help loosing patience with us and delegating blame for simple miscommunications. The water is a bit rough but the good thing is we Trust soon that Jesus will calm this storm and see through another miracle as He has always Faithfully done in our lives.  We can also see our son coming home and surrounded by family that loves him. I would be dishonest to the many friends that I encourage to adopt if I didn't write these posts. Your Faith will grow and your relationship with Jesus will strengthen and isn't that one of the greatest gifts of struggle? Our utter dependence on God and knowing that when this adoption is accomplished we can say ONLY God made it happen!

Romans 5:3-5 (New International Version, ©2011)

3 Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; 4 perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5 And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

Anticipating a great miracle,
 Marcos, Jamie and soon our son

Friday, March 25, 2011


life is how God shows off!

Hello all,
 Tonight I had the honor to attend a fundraising banquet for Lifetime PHC. I have volunteered there for  some time and its a ministry close to my heart. They help families heal from abortion, provide resources, education and peer counseling for pregnant woman, families and new moms alike. They are a listening ear and a free pregnancy test with support and complete honesty on all they will encounter in making a decision to hopefully choose life.

  I started volunteering there because God told me to. Its really that simple. I remember walking into the training classes thinking, " okay, well here I am to learn and i'm not even sure what, but i'm here. " I learned  what an abortion was and the miracle that life really is.  I learned why I lost a friend so many years ago in high school and flash backs of a conversation with her ran through my mind. God has a purpose for every life. I know this as well because the second time she became pregnant she did choose life.

  Through the years volunteering God has made it even more personal. In the midst of an International adoption of a child who was not aborted, I often thank God for the life his mom gave him. I thank God that despite the difficult circumstances she may have faced, she chose life and now thanks to her, I will be a mom. In the area of Russia my son is from and the year he was born there were 12,822 abortions. My sweet son was not one of them. There are 40,000 in Illinois aborted each year as of 2009 stats. There were 300 in my county alone. My small little county.

 My husband and I spent about three hours this morning making phone calls, deciphering emails and researching law for a single document that is newly required by our Russian judge for our adoption. In the three hours we spent doing this 111 babies were aborted in the USA. Its time to stand up, rise up and do what we were called to do as believers and stand in the truth that abortion is wrong.

 Thank You God for the mercy you have had on this nation. Thank you for the 130,000 dollars given tonight by people wanting to make a difference in the lives of those hurt by abortion. Thank you Lord for protecting our son and his family from this pain.

Russia continues to have the highest abortion rate in the world, as did the Soviet Union. In the mid-1990s, the Russian average was 225 terminated pregnancies per 100 births and ninety-eight abortions for every 1,000 women of childbearing age per year--a yearly average of 3.5 million. An estimated one-quarter of maternal fatalities result from abortion procedures.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

I know a puppy who barks with his mouth closed.

Moose with hiccups and an astonishing ability to burp and bark with his mouth closed.

Hello everyone,
   A funny thing happened today as we found out our new puppy "Moose" is a miracle dog. Yes, he not only has double dew claws but double paws with webbing and they are on both back feet. It is quite rare. The way that they are attached is even more rare. Our veterinarian even said she had never seen anything like them!

   This isn't some mere fluke.  I believe when Marcos and I prayed for a special dog to welcome in joy and companionship to our new son he listened and answered our prayers. I even asked for a special dog. So do you think God still hears us when we plead the desires of our heart? Do you believe God still performs miracles? I certainly do!

  Today has been a mixture of research and lots of prayer for more and more requests from the judge in Russia. We also received news that a couple of friends have been told to give up on the mission to rescue and adopt two boys because they have a 20% chance of getting them home. Our hearts hurt for them and we pray even now as I type that they can see clearly what direction God will lead them. In Acts chapter 12 the community of believers prayed for Peter who was imprisoned. The Lord created a miracle and Peter was rescued. I think my friends need a miracle, don't you? Will you pray for a miracle for them? Im ready to see some more answered prayer and miracles!

Great Praise to our creator!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Extravagant Love

   Theres a story in the Bible that talks about a wedding banquet where the least and poor were invited in and treated to all the joys and delights of the celebration as honored guests.  Never in my lifetime did I think I would experience such a similar or multiplied pleasure! Of course being in God's family, His child and knowing what He has already orchestrated in my short thirty-three years thus far, I should have come with GREAT EXPECTATIONS! But I never expected this!

Your probably wondering what on earth I am babbling on about? Let me try to put into words this weekend.

 After a phone call of discouraging news yet again and a stock pile of challenges for adoption documents, Marcos and I began to get ready for a wedding we had been invited to. We had long planned the trip and knew the matrimony of a very blessed young couple who were in love with God and exemplified purity would be great! Their hearts were so focused to honor God even their first kiss was saved for the alter! Our anticipation had even deeper roots knowing we would see three of the children we met in Russia that were now home and  treasured siblings of the bride!

   Its incredible to me that with all of these elements and all God has already done, Our Father in Heaven chose to do even MORE. Upon arrival we entered the Church only to see the familiar bluest of eyes coming toward us, dressed in red and a smile from ear to ear! From there we were embraced by another beauty in a red dress and rhinestones that only months before had an unknown future. Straight away we were rushed to the bride minutes before her walk down the aisle and met at the stairs by a handsome young man in a tux who recognized us and embraced us as well.  This little boy had been a fervent prayer of tears in hopes he would find a family that loves God. He had found that family and we once again saw God's evidence of the power of prayer. His parents not only love God but live such a life that the gospel is more than attractive it is radiant and illuminated through their children and themselves!

   We entered the hall to see an entire entourage of beautiful children and statuesque young teenagers beaming with joy as the bride rushed to embrace us.   I looked at Marcos and grabbed his hand!  I was for the second time ever in my life, weak in the knees with joy by the overwhelming amount of peace  and love that could saturate every ounce of discouragement from the day before. Marcos leaned in and smiled at me. He knew and could feel it too. God's love at this moment chose us through this family and it was so beautiful and so extravagant.

   The wedding continued to perpetuate true joy and celebration like nothing we had ever seen before. The children would come close and wrap their arms around us, kiss us and whisper how much they loved us and how diligent they were praying for our son to come home. They encouraged us with tears and smiles about how good it felt to be home and have parents that love them. They climbed on our laps and caressed our face all the while smiling and telling us how happy they were that we were at the wedding with them.

    This extravagant love flows through this family not because of wealth, parenting skill, great personalities, popularity or perfection but because of Christ. Christ truly dwells among them in their actions and we were only the recipients of that love because of  Christ's grace. We are not related to them by blood, we have never done a great service to this family or even visited with them often. They loved us with a powerful and extravagant affection we will never forget. I hope Marcos and I can learn how to do this too. I pray we can seek Christ to encourage and show His extravagant love too! Thank you Reynolds....your prayers..your love for us, orphans our son and your great love for the Lord!

--Marcos and Jamie

Check out the following photos..there are not many..we were just enjoying each moment!





A row of loving siblings....

Checking her petal placement.....

Vows taken ...

Petals in her path....

A groom sees his Bride!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Be still and know that I am God

 Hello all! We hope this little post finds you basting in the sun of spring and full of God's Blessings. We would like to say thank you for your prayers and again ask for more. We have a new set of documents and will need some great favor and wisdom to complete them. Before you feel the need to get frustrated as we were when we got the news read Proverbs 21:1. God is in charge and despite the delays we know we must keep trying,trusting and praying.  All Glory to God.

Proverbs 21

 1 In the LORD’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water
   that he channels toward all who please him.

With many days ahead, a puppy chooses to play and know his provision is coming from the authority of his master.
A puppy named Moose sleeps off the days worries in the sun...

Friday, March 11, 2011

All papers are in!

Hello everyone! Just wanted you to know we have sent in that requested batch and are waiting for news. In the mean time we would appreciate of course your prayers for us, the help from the Russian side and our sweet son. Thank you with all our hearts.

Amazed at Christ's Grace,
 Jamie and Marcos

"Children Of God" - Official Music Video.....Just another reminder that God loves adoption and is for us! thank you Lord!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Space Dogs 3D - in English for our English Speaking Friends

Thought you would enjoy a little cartoon in Russian...called....Белка и Стрелка 3D / Belka and Strelka 3D []

All four documents almost ready to send off!

Wow! Thank you! Your prayers are bursting at the seams! The authorities in the USA have finished all four of the newly requested documents and tomorrow they will be stamped with our States seal and sent overnight to our dossier coordinator to be translated and added to our pile in Russia!  Next request is for our judge to return..take a look and send us a court date in Russia for our son!

  This was super speedy and we are really grateful! So many people stepped up to help with the documents and the fees for the overnight were graciously given to us on Sunday by a family that truly gives out of their very little earnings! What a testimony for this precious orphan in Russia. God Speed and we will keep you up to date!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor in Australia Part 1

12-year-old speaks out on the issue of abortion

International Women's Day

March 8 is designated as the annual celebration of the political, economic and social achievements of women who continue to struggle in so many countries to live on an equal basis with men. The International Women's Day is also one of the most prominent national holidays in Russia.

 Last year I was sent this photo from our son! He bought flowers just for me! The email was just as lovely! I would show his glowing smile but of course we cannot post any identity until the adoption is final!

Still in the paper pile.....( :

Hello everyone! No new updates for today but we just wanted to say thank you for your prayers.  We have three documents almost complete! Please pray for the last one in the  newly requested batch ( see previous post).

  Marcos and I spent our day Saturday with a special little boy our friends recently adopted. The day was wonderful and very special as well as quite a challenge. Parenting by example is delightful but of course difficult too. Considering Marcos and I are always on the look out to introduce God's character and love to reflect plainly to each child we meet, we often found ourselves pausing before answers and even praying before a response.

  We really want any kiddo we are near to know God loves them and in turn provides an abundant life for those who are obedient and avoid the consequences of bad choices. Wisdom was asked for so many times during the day and often Marcos and I would look at each other and smile just knowing the reply from our father in heaven who solely orchestrated each event of the day.  What an amazing husband I have that ten dollars in tokens can last four hours!

   It may sound "cheesy" and way too "Christian" to some but lately we don't care if people criticize us for rewarding kindness,courage and manners in any kid.  Its our hearts delight as a husband and wife to see kids seeking a Godly life, being kind and seeking servanthood instead of selfishness. The Bible says we are a Peculiar bunch and I do believe we are. That is what attracts many to the Lord. Thank You God for a wonderful day with a child who was once an orphan but is no more. Thank You for forgiving our many bad choices and covering us with grace!

   What an honor to spend a day with a wonderful little boy! We pray our not so little boy of fourteen is seeking you as well Lord. We also pray the documents are produced,translated and approved as quickly as you see fit and your love abounds in the life of those so close to him in Russia.--Amen

Love and Thankfulness,
 Marcos and Jamie 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homecomings and dissapointments

Hello all! We did get a phone call this week but it surely was not the one we were hoping for. It seems more updates are needed as our judge is away and the stack just keeps expiring. Its hard to see a number you recognize and hope to see on caller ID and then realize it comes with discouraging news instead of GREAT NEWS! It's a mix of excitement and bittersweet to see several families from Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia and even the USA celebrate homecomings of their kids while we still wait. Lord, help our attitude not to question your timing!  So, we press on, we pray harder, we get the paperwork and we enjoy each other so soon God will unite a family that honors Him and His plan for us.

    Thank you for your prayers. We need them more than you can imagine and so does our son. Please ask God to grant us favor and multiple Blessings in arranging a very fast court date. Our paperwork has not even been submitted and for the last six weeks we thought it had been. So, in the midst of disappointment all we know is God is for us and not against us. Its the only comfort we have. Even last night we found footage never seen of the first time we met in Russia. It was buried in my hard drive and a welcome reminder that only God knows the things that are hidden.

Love you - Jamie