Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waiting is the hardest part...

 Recently within the last week my spirit filled husband wakes me up with a kiss and says, " Today we are going to get good news!" I treasure his Faith in the Lord and living in the scripture that says, "Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say REJOICE!"

   I am spoiled to have such a  Godly man with great  Faith in the midst of this Wait to bring home our sweet son from Russia. I also find it comical that for the last week straight, when I have been home to see it, my little dogs wait too! At about 12 noon they seemingly get up from their naps or wherever they may be and sit very close to each other in a line! They stare at the door quietly. Maybe its the mailman? Maybe they are just bored or maybe they are having a meeting with Jesus..we are just not sure! Sitting this close to Nakita (black and white dog) warrants a snip or attack from her but Doug scoots up and stays without her making any notice!

    We wait for the call and pray for our son, thank you for all your prayers we certainly feel them. God is beautiful. God is Faithful. God is our provider.

-Love  Jamie

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