Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today I prayed for the President and I'm not stopping there!

The President explaining his decision about the change in time policy to young scientists at the Kremlin Tuesday.
Good morning or evening..readers,prayer warriors and friends! As travel to Russia seems to draw near in our own minds I had found myself praying for the President this morning. More specifically, the Russian President who has a great name by the way, Dmitry Medvedev.

   I long for a heart drawn towards the country as a whole. Many years of travel through the world has sent burdens of prayer on Marcos and my own heart for various people groups.

Just looking into their eyes on the streets of China, Korea,Ethiopia, Mexico, Holland or even the Luo in Kenya would bring me to my knees in prayer for their lives and eternal destiny. I grew to love the culture, traditions, families and leaders that I served there. I am praying for those same pure motives and desires as Marcos and I are given not only the miraculous chance to become a Mom and Dad but also live, eat and play among the people of Russia. If we are to be a light in the world, I certainly do not want to be dim or even unaware as we travel there. We want to be a Blessing.

    Please pray that our Russian language skills increase for so many reasons. While Marcos loves so many people rather stoic or rude,loud or quiet, I have a tendency to only draw near to those with attributes I find attractive and enjoyable. The language barrier can offer a lazy option to not communicating or even trying to build relationships. I plead that God changes my heart to enjoy the moments we have to know our Russian brothers and sisters as we travel. I pray for courage to tell them that God loves them and I pray for sincerity in showing the attributes of our savior.

  On an update.. we have not a peep! No recent letters from our son yet and as the phone goes with me everywhere we have not had THE CALL. However, your prayers do make a difference. Thank you and may God's peace cover you entirely today, with no anxious thoughts or feelings. God is faithful.


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