Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interesting weekend

Well, after eleven years watching often from a distance a very wonderful and sweet friend of mine has a new forever family. She is living in the USA and has a she describes, a big kind family! It was a mix of emotions when  we got the news. It is clear through the adoption of our very own God is humbling us at each turn. It is so amazing how I think I know for sure why God orchestrates something and then, I am very wrong.

  I would like to say congratulations to the family who does have the chance to share their lives with such a precious young lady and I hope we get a chance to meet them and of course see you soon Helen! we love you so much and will be sure to visit Kayla, Max and your China family in the summer for you! God Bless your new journey in the USA! Dreams do come true! I remember falling asleep next to you and Kayla as you spoke of becoming a baby doctor in the USA. You certainly have a beautiful heart and life before you with God's hand upon you in every moment!

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