Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If we were there on your Birthday

The sun rises and sets on peoples decisions to give life or abandon it. Either way, God gave your mother a precious gift and in turn we will be given one as well. Happy Birthday son, we are so grateful to your mom and dad for  choosing life and giving you a Birthday.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

 If we could be in Russia today,
 we would pray for snow and sun. 
We would climb up to the highest hills,
 and sled down everyone. 
When our bellies began to growl and hunger for some food,
 we would settle in a warm little house and eat all that we could.
 If our eyes began to start to close I’d make the coffee sweet,
we would giggle at the sledding  tales and tickle Marcos’s feet! 
 We would turn down the lights and strike a match to light all thirteen, 
watch you blow the candles out and oh how we would sing! 
I would whisper up a prayer to your first mom that brought you here to me.
I can only imagine what courage she must have had to raise you to thirteen.
And when you made a wish as you blew the candles out,
I prayed that God would enter your heart and you would never have  a doubt.
If we were there on your Birthday son, I know what we would do.
We would have an incredible day celebrating, that God made you.
Happy Birthday Sweet Son.

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