Monday, January 3, 2011

Generous Friends and students..

         Last year I posted about some Gracie Barra  Elves who collected a very sweet donation to get us started on this adoption journey. Marcos and I were really surprised when once again..the elves took it upon themselves to give and collect again!

 (I believe this to be the Lead Elf, my Best friend Keri!)

  With the process becoming more and more difficult, missing our son over Christmas and of course the various new documents that are really mounting up, you can imagine our hearts swelling with emotion! That is for sure a run on sentence! Yes, again this year Keri and several elves gave us a great deal of support through yet another money gift and we hope you all know how much it means to us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. You are a Blessing to us and motivate us to be strong, hold our heads up and trust God in this long journey. You really encouraged us at a time when we needed you more than ever.

  We love you! See you all in the New Year and hopefully with our new son!

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