Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faith in trying our best

 Aeron and Max

Good morning bloggers,face bookers and readers. I think we only have ourselves following and we are new at this so please let us know if you are here.. thanks. Well it seems as if the process has some delays in our region but we are often getting accustomed to the hurry up and wait principle that has followed this adoption. God is present and often reminding us to be patient and He knows what He is doing. We sure do wish to wrap our arms around our son. Hug your kids for us today and maybe even ask them to say a prayer that Jesus hugs our son too. The prayers of children are so powerful.

  We are reading a great book called Gospel powered parenting. It aims at our kids hearts and we are delighted to learn many new things about how to love our son. It is practical, obvious yet escaped us in so many ways before we read it. Thank you Lord for people you have spoken to and their obedience to write such wonderful books!

 In the meantime we are still depending on several overtired and busy people to come through for us. Pray for God's restoration, renewal and strength upon them as they work so hard for these orphans and their waiting families. They really need your prayers. We need your prayers too. We need to remain kind and wise with nothing but Godly motives in this process. Its so easy to feel as if your child is the only one in the orphanage when it simply isn't the case. Many children and families are waiting with us.

  Long story by about eleven years but the girls wrote! Mao Mao and Ling Ling wrote and we have some unconfirmed but possible news that Ling Ling may be in the USA this Spring or has been here in the Spring. Often our letters get a little confusing going back and forth. We will keep you posted. Many older Chinese children are starting to get adopted and the CCAA has been allowing this! Its great news but as you may know we are still not qualified due to length of marriage and we believe our sweet Mao Mao is already the age of 14. She does have a great family there and of course if she ever desires to visit we will be the first to bring her here. We hope to see all the "left in his hands" kids next summer!  Please pray for this possible trip. We will often post pictures of our dearest kids that have deeply been a big part of God's calling on our lives. Some of them are still waiting on adoption and many are in wonderful God centered homes. We post them as a testimony to God's love and power. We apologize but we cannot post any pictures of our son yet.

  Do not forget this winter that God loves you even when the world looks a bit soggy, gray and unkind. God has done marvelous things in our past! We expect nothing less for our future!

Ling AKA "Helen"( on left) Mao AKA " Kayla" (on right)

Our last visit of 2009, Gracie Mag and Kayla's Marcos on the back cover! She is so proud!

Our tradition since she was three! It is usually with Birthday Cake! Today it was dumpling flour ( :

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