Saturday, January 29, 2011

An early Birthday

We hosted game night for our students tonight!  It was also a celebration to mark our son's 14th Birthday on January 31st!  Happy Birthday son! We miss you and pray Blessings over your life in Russia and quick departure to come and bring you to us very soon. 

A special group of guys helped us celebrate you. Here's an early Birthday wish son, we love you! We miss you and pray Blessings over you! Thank you Paul, Jun-Jun, Chirag, Mike, Gerrad, Machine, Andrew, Thomas and Marcos ( : ! Our son will surely have a great group of friends and family to celebrate with next year!

Waiting and praying

Jeremiah 1:5

"Before I shaped you in the womb,  I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had Holy plans for you; A prophet to the nations-that's what I had in mind for you."

Hello Faithful friends and family! We would like you to know that all our documents were submitted on last Saturday and we have gone almost one full week......without a (whisper) peep! So, we wait in confidence that the authority and power of our Lord has seen to it that each piece was a winner! Hopefully soon we will get news of a court date to go and meet our sweet son in Russia!

   It has also been very quiet at The Barros house which can bring a rush of wonder when someday will we have so many children that we actually long for "quiet" my friends with children so often comment on? I digress. In the mean time my beloved and I have found great joy in being a voice and help to so many silenced by abortion. Its a personal issue for us since our small business pays taxes that aid in many ways to provide the service of abortion in Illinois. Often and surely selfish we wonder why its so hard to adopt and mourn the many that could have been in loving arms of families had their life not been so interrupted.

  It is also personal because I watched a dear friend struggle with the effects of abortion and I will never forget her pain. God is forgiving and gracious but I also believe when there is a wrong in this world we should not keep silent. We should stand up and not be afraid to say what we believe is right or wrong. Then we need to act in Faith, Love and courage to pursue change.

   Below and above are some pictures of the right to life ralley in Springfield at our beautiful capitol. It was a moving and healing experience for many. No condemnation came from our very real and abortion survivor key note speaker. She laid her life out for us to see and painfully urged woman to take back the freedom of giving LIFE.

    Oh and I gotta say I am BLESSED! There was a football game for the Bears on this day and my husband doesn't care about football so of course he was by my side. I love him so very much, what a treasure from God!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interesting weekend

Well, after eleven years watching often from a distance a very wonderful and sweet friend of mine has a new forever family. She is living in the USA and has a she describes, a big kind family! It was a mix of emotions when  we got the news. It is clear through the adoption of our very own God is humbling us at each turn. It is so amazing how I think I know for sure why God orchestrates something and then, I am very wrong.

  I would like to say congratulations to the family who does have the chance to share their lives with such a precious young lady and I hope we get a chance to meet them and of course see you soon Helen! we love you so much and will be sure to visit Kayla, Max and your China family in the summer for you! God Bless your new journey in the USA! Dreams do come true! I remember falling asleep next to you and Kayla as you spoke of becoming a baby doctor in the USA. You certainly have a beautiful heart and life before you with God's hand upon you in every moment!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If we were there on your Birthday

The sun rises and sets on peoples decisions to give life or abandon it. Either way, God gave your mother a precious gift and in turn we will be given one as well. Happy Birthday son, we are so grateful to your mom and dad for  choosing life and giving you a Birthday.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

 If we could be in Russia today,
 we would pray for snow and sun. 
We would climb up to the highest hills,
 and sled down everyone. 
When our bellies began to growl and hunger for some food,
 we would settle in a warm little house and eat all that we could.
 If our eyes began to start to close I’d make the coffee sweet,
we would giggle at the sledding  tales and tickle Marcos’s feet! 
 We would turn down the lights and strike a match to light all thirteen, 
watch you blow the candles out and oh how we would sing! 
I would whisper up a prayer to your first mom that brought you here to me.
I can only imagine what courage she must have had to raise you to thirteen.
And when you made a wish as you blew the candles out,
I prayed that God would enter your heart and you would never have  a doubt.
If we were there on your Birthday son, I know what we would do.
We would have an incredible day celebrating, that God made you.
Happy Birthday Sweet Son.

Faith in trying our best

 Aeron and Max

Good morning bloggers,face bookers and readers. I think we only have ourselves following and we are new at this so please let us know if you are here.. thanks. Well it seems as if the process has some delays in our region but we are often getting accustomed to the hurry up and wait principle that has followed this adoption. God is present and often reminding us to be patient and He knows what He is doing. We sure do wish to wrap our arms around our son. Hug your kids for us today and maybe even ask them to say a prayer that Jesus hugs our son too. The prayers of children are so powerful.

  We are reading a great book called Gospel powered parenting. It aims at our kids hearts and we are delighted to learn many new things about how to love our son. It is practical, obvious yet escaped us in so many ways before we read it. Thank you Lord for people you have spoken to and their obedience to write such wonderful books!

 In the meantime we are still depending on several overtired and busy people to come through for us. Pray for God's restoration, renewal and strength upon them as they work so hard for these orphans and their waiting families. They really need your prayers. We need your prayers too. We need to remain kind and wise with nothing but Godly motives in this process. Its so easy to feel as if your child is the only one in the orphanage when it simply isn't the case. Many children and families are waiting with us.

  Long story by about eleven years but the girls wrote! Mao Mao and Ling Ling wrote and we have some unconfirmed but possible news that Ling Ling may be in the USA this Spring or has been here in the Spring. Often our letters get a little confusing going back and forth. We will keep you posted. Many older Chinese children are starting to get adopted and the CCAA has been allowing this! Its great news but as you may know we are still not qualified due to length of marriage and we believe our sweet Mao Mao is already the age of 14. She does have a great family there and of course if she ever desires to visit we will be the first to bring her here. We hope to see all the "left in his hands" kids next summer!  Please pray for this possible trip. We will often post pictures of our dearest kids that have deeply been a big part of God's calling on our lives. Some of them are still waiting on adoption and many are in wonderful God centered homes. We post them as a testimony to God's love and power. We apologize but we cannot post any pictures of our son yet.

  Do not forget this winter that God loves you even when the world looks a bit soggy, gray and unkind. God has done marvelous things in our past! We expect nothing less for our future!

Ling AKA "Helen"( on left) Mao AKA " Kayla" (on right)

Our last visit of 2009, Gracie Mag and Kayla's Marcos on the back cover! She is so proud!

Our tradition since she was three! It is usually with Birthday Cake! Today it was dumpling flour ( :

Interesting History

File:Dimitri Alexandrovich.jpg

Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich of Russia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich

SpouseCountess Marina Sergeievna Golenistcheva-Koutouzova
Sheila MacKellar Chisholm
Princess Nadejda Dimitriievna
HouseHouse of Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
FatherGrand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia
MotherGrand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia
Born15 August 1901
Gatchina PalaceGatchinaRussian Empire
Died7 July 1980 (aged 78)
LondonEnglandUnited Kingdom
Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich of Russia (15 August 1901 – 7 July 1980) was a son of Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich of Russia and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia. He was a nephew of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.



[edit]Russian prince

Prince Dmitri Alexandrovich Romanov was born at the Gatchina Palace, near Saint Petersburg, Russia on 15 August 1901. He was the four son and fifth child among seven siblings. His parents : Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (1866–1933) and Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna (1875–1960) were first cousins once removed. Consequently Prince Dmitri was the great-grandson of Tsar Nicholas I (from his father's side), also the great-great-grandson of the same Tsar Nicholas I (from his mother's one), the grandson of Tsar Alexander III and the nephew of Tsar Nicholas II.
During the Russian Revolution Prince Dmitri was imprisoned along with his parents and grandmother the Dowager Empress at Dulber, in the Crimea.[1] He escaped the fate of a number of his Romanov cousins who were murdered by the Bolsheviks when he was freed by German troops in 1918. He left Russia on 11 April 1919 abroad the Royal Navy ship HMS Marlborough to attend to Malta were they spent nine months before settling to England.[1][2]
Prince Dmitri had a varied career. In the 1920s he was a stockbroker in Manhattan; for a brief period in the 1930s he managed Coco Chanel's shop at Biarritz. During World War II he was a lieutenant commander in the Royal Naval Reserve. After the war he became secretary of the travelers club in Paris and in the 1950s he was the European sales representative of a whisky firm.
Following the creation of the Romanov Family Association in 1979, Prince Dmitri was chosen as its first president serving until his death a year later in England.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Generous Friends and students..

         Last year I posted about some Gracie Barra  Elves who collected a very sweet donation to get us started on this adoption journey. Marcos and I were really surprised when once again..the elves took it upon themselves to give and collect again!

 (I believe this to be the Lead Elf, my Best friend Keri!)

  With the process becoming more and more difficult, missing our son over Christmas and of course the various new documents that are really mounting up, you can imagine our hearts swelling with emotion! That is for sure a run on sentence! Yes, again this year Keri and several elves gave us a great deal of support through yet another money gift and we hope you all know how much it means to us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. You are a Blessing to us and motivate us to be strong, hold our heads up and trust God in this long journey. You really encouraged us at a time when we needed you more than ever.

  We love you! See you all in the New Year and hopefully with our new son!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Provision and climbing Faith

Provision and climbing Faith

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

God given family and friends

 50,000 dollars is a great deal of money and as we once thought and often still do we come up with that kind of money? A few weeks ago Marcos and I were desperately praying that Visas would be constructed in time for us to see and fulfill our required visit to Russia. They are now in our possession. A few weeks ago we sat and counted change as we began to print letters asking people to give and be partners to help us bring Samuel home. I fretted over my inability to ask in person when although I was accustomed to asking for orphans..this one was personal. I pleaded for God to give me wisdom and inspire greater encouragement so we could ask. I also asked He would remove Pride that gets in the way when there is need and we fail to ask. We now ( total will be submitted by New Years ) have almost 1,000 because my Best Friend Keri..asked for us. Our students and instructors asked for many did what I was so fearful to do. Our Faith just keeps climbing and yes its only the beginning but when so very many are doing so incredibly much its hard to not celebrate despite the distance remaining. We cannot keep quiet, we must scream..Thank you Lord for looking out for Samuel and us as you always have, thank you for incredible partners, friends, silent givers and family helping this very moment and providing what to us seems impossible at first and as each day passes increases in possibility!

Gracie Barra Family ( everyone in this total ) $831
Mulenex Family $250
Harris Family $280
Eddie Mesa $15
Nick Harris $5
Abby Harris $5
Grandpa Smith  
Scott and Kim $ 100
Dupree Family $200
Greg and Mona Crawford $125
more updates to come...i just wanted to say Thank you! Sorry this is so late..I had the Flu for Christmas and am now into the healing coughing stage ( : I love you guys ( : God Bless you and Merry Christmas!

Our Son

 Mathew 18: 12-14  
What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray and gets lost, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountain and go in search of the one that is lost?  And if it should be that he finds it, truly I say to you, he rejoices more over it than over the ninety-nine that did not get lost. Just so it is not the will of My Father Who is in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost and perish.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

God’s Rain

How are you? We are very well and covered in peace as we have decided to adopt a little boy from Russia named Samuel. God has settled that he is our son and with a huge leap of faith and tears Marcos and I have begun the adoption work to start our Family! 
    He has given us a vision and several areas of great wisdom as to how to find 50,000 for adoption. God has given us a number 376 people, so we start there and work and sell, apply for grants and do all we can as we stay on bended knee to bring home a precious child! 
     We are so grateful and seeing God's kindness pour out like rain makes us shiver with excitement for the things to come.  To God we give all the Glory and Praise. 
     However we must hurry as time is running out for Samuel.
We seek your prayers and your help. Will you give $125 to get Samuel home to us? This is our hearts seeking those in the family of God who can give any amount in prayer and support. Know that God will be glorified in each action and know we are already thankful to Him in heaven who knows the plans He has for Samuel, Marcos and Jamie as well as you all. 
     We ask that you take the information in prayer and seek God and ask how to give? An envelope has been provided for all monetary donations and prayer teams and partners. Please return it to us as soon as possible with reply. You will save the life of one left behind and we are more than grateful, Thank you doesn’t quite work here..Blessings on your generosity, Life and Love from our awesome creator..Christ the Lord.


Our History
Since Marcos and I were engaged, orphans have been on our minds. We decided after getting married we would, save pray and research every countries, requirements, needs, costs and process of adoption. This included the USA, of course. Korea, China and Moldova were always on the scene, as well as Nepal and you guessed it, Russia. In our short lives we have seen and served in 13 countries. I have served with over 400 orphans in Africa, Mexico and China through God;s grace with COMMIT Ministries. Praise be to God only.  So, in the midst of research we spotted a request. A request from a fellow orphan advocate to travel and help the kids in Russia. I was busy, its conference season and I only had about two days to decide. After reading the blog to Marcos he said, go pray about it, lets pray about it. We did. I left for Russia only regretting Marcos could not follow due to passport expiration. I met several kids, I pondered and prayed and I had the honor to hold the hand and feel one boy sleep on my shoulder during a circus. I came home and the encouragement began first from prayer teams, than friends, than family and the biggest ever from  Marcos  telling me ,” This is our son.” Peace consumes us and the song by MWS “ Leave it to me, I will lead you home” resonates.

The Future
For a social orphan in Russia, the future is not bright. I know if you have read this far, God is pulling your heart to understand why we have chosen Russia, an older boy and now. If you research any stats on these kids, you will find some understanding of why now, why him and why Russia. I can give you the grim stats, recommend some hard to watch documentaries but i’m gong to simply trust that you will take this to the Father and see that Samuel’s future could be one of Blessing. Please trust us with this, we want nothing more than to honor God and give Samuel the love that God first gave us in our families and life. We are asking a great deal. We have prayed and counted the cost, asked for God’s wisdom and will continue to do so. 
Now, all we need is your help. we have already begun the process with a home study and interviews. We will need to stop as we will be out of funds very soon. You can see your funds at work with protected information on a private website.  Please know the urgency of Samuel’s situation as his age makes him very vulnerable to aging out and being on the streets for good.
   This is a total surrender in Faith and we cannot do it alone. God Bless you and Thank you for your prayers and gifts. Covered in grace and Grate fullness,
Marcos, Jamie and Samuel 

With great Thanks,
Marcos and Jamie Barros

I don't want one over four.

I don’t want one over four

Matthew 18:12-14 
 What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray and gets lost, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the mountain and go in search of the one that is lost?  And if it should be that he finds it, truly I say to you, he rejoices more over it than over the ninety-nine that did not get lost. Just so it is not the will of My Father Who is in heaven that one of these little ones should be lost and perish.

How it all began. God spoke to my heart about the nature of adoption,our adoption. Isn’t God so personal? He is so real in our lives, let Him into yours and watch Him move mountains.

I thought about adopting today. 
I saw a sweet baby far far away. 
I know that you needed someone to hold you. Pick you up, feed you and warm you. 
There is a waiting list for the perfect healthy you . 
Your eyes are bright and your affordable too!
I want to adopt and this is just swell! 
A healthy baby fills the space in this family as well! 
If I sit any longer and search for a child, I may be persuaded to adopt someone else. 
So, I better stop looking as I see some grim truth about kids older than you.
Your all orphans and really quite poor, but there’s something here about the lot of you older than four.
It says you get left behind, forgotten or lost. 
My heart cant bear to read the truth of your cause.
I know its my right to choose who I want! 
Don’t make me feel guilty for going after what I want! 
Wait Lord, Im sorry, I see its not guilt. 
Your showing me more than what most people see. 
Its the the heart of that lost baby..still waiting for me. 
He may not be small or even so clean. 
But this is our baby and now he is thirteen.

Thoughts on Childhood

Friday, January 8, 2010

A documentary that rings close to home for us

A quick post today as the snow falls and we pray for those in Russia doing the best they can to stay warm. I have posted a link to a video for some further insight on the problems facing our friends in Russia. It is hard to watch but I appreciated the interviews with the kids. Watching it some time ago, I wished I could have helped and now thanks to you all...soon together we will be doing more than just wishing! 

Family,Travel and Miracles! God, its a beautiful Life!

Farewell sweet friend.