Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adoption as daughters and sons

Hello everyone,
   You are probably following this blog because of our soon to be adoption from Russia! We are really glad you are here and quite thankful for a way to keep everyone updated so easily. Before we get into so many details, adventures, comical and heartwarming moments there is something we want you all to know about adoption.

     We are all adopted. There is a Father that adopted us all a very long time ago and even today the joyous event continues! Before you skip away or maybe turn off what I may write in the following lines let me bring you back to why we are adopting our son from Russia.

    The only freedom you can ever understand is freedom that you yourself have been given. We believe we have been set free to live because we were adopted by Jesus Christ. We do not need to worry about what will happen when we become afraid,sick,angry or make a mistake. We have freedom  to live because of forgiveness from God through His son Jesus Christ. This is the freedom we want you and everyone to have.

   We didn't give Jesus anything, we didn't earn it by being good or doing good things. God simply chose to send His one and only son to die and be the perfect sacrifice for us so we could be adopted into the family of believers. Not the family of some religion. Jesus offers his Love, trust and life to you. Will you believe and trust Jesus now? If you do, His words written in The Bible says you will live forever in heaven and although trouble may come, Jesus will never leave you. A long prayer wont save you, a dunk or sprinkle with water cannot make you believe, a walk down the aisle to pray with a religious or loving Pastor doesn't make you perfect or ready. You are ready, perfect, loved and valued at this very moment without any need for an action, ritual or sacrifice. Jesus did all that for you already.

   Its simple as God's word says, John 3:16, " For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life."

    Do you still think you are not ready? What about the thief on the cross? There was a thief on the cross next to Jesus and even in the midst of being guilty,dying and seeing who Jesus was for the first time asked if he could believe and be with Jesus? Jesus replied , "yes, today you will be with me in paradise." This thief was not even prepared, not even perfect, not even deserving.

    Your ready, God loves you. We love you too.    The pictures, stories and evidence of God's hand of forgiveness, grace and miracles in our lives are all here. Its also in God's Life Instruction manual the Bible. If you chose to believe and trust in Jesus today, congratulations on your adoption! 
Welcome to the family! If you didn't we still love you and so does God, you know that. 
Think of it this way, You have nothing to lose if you choose to believe and everything to gain. 

Love always,
Marcos, Jamie and soon our son!

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